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Brian Eichhorn

My name is Brian Eichhorn, and baseball has been my life for the last 25 years. I played three years of Division 1 baseball at Georgia Southern University and was drafted by the Cleveland Indians in the 9th round (283rd Overall) of the 2018 draft. My baseball career has seen struggles and success, but I would not trade it for the world. My goal is to share my baseball experience and help ballplayers reach their full potential.

Looking for help?

I have created baseball-specific content that can be downloaded and used as a tool for your career.


Throwing Program

A professional 4-month throwing progression designed to help you properly build your arm up with the correct intensity.


Lifting Program

A professional 8-week strength program that adjusts to your strength. Video links for each lift are included.


Nutrition Guide

This a free guide that teaches you everything I learned about nutrition at the professional baseball level.

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