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My Story

Just like any young baseball player, my dream was to make it to the major leagues (and still is). My father loves baseball, so I can thank him for creating my passion. He was a catcher growing up and played collegiately at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. 

I did not notice my baseball talent until I started playing travel baseball. Competitive baseball was everything to me and my love for the game grew stronger. I was not always the biggest kid, so I primarily played middle-infield and would pitch occasionally. My father noticed that I was successful on the mound at an early age. Although I did not throw the hardest, my consistency helped for my age.

Once I reached middle school, we decided to take pitching more seriously. I was working with a pitching coach every week, developing my mechanics and improving my pitch-ability. I still was throwing at average velocity for my age, but my mound presence was advanced.

In high school, I was pitching consistently, while also playing the infield. I spent my summers playing for an elite travel baseball program as a P.O. (pitcher only). At this point in my career, I realized I had the best chance of success to play professional baseball as a pitcher. 

I was playing travel ball with incredible players who were committed to SEC and ACC (Division-1) programs as sophomores and juniors in high school. I felt a little out of place and threw slower than everyone, but was still competing and contributing. I cherish these moments because they gave me an underdog mentality that shaped my baseball work ethic for life.

I finished my senior year with 1 collegiate offer to a junior college in Georgia. I was a right-handed pitcher topping out at 86 miles per hour, so I understood the reasoning. My father believed in me, and so did I. He always told me, “velocity will come.” And this was true, I was a year younger than most players in my grade, so my body was still developing.

I played my last year of travel baseball with the same elite travel program I had played with through most of high school. I started to get nervous because college was starting in August, and still had no idea what my plans were in June. My velocity started to gradually climb and interest started to pour in. Once I hit 90 miles per hour it was like I had won the golden ticket. I started to receive offers from division 1 programs and eventually committed to Georgia Southern University.

My time in college was amazing, to say the least. I was a weekend starter for the majority of my career and was constantly gaining velocity each year. Don’t get me wrong, I had some terrible outings, but overall this was the most fun I had playing baseball my entire life. I was fortunate to play in the Cape Cod Baseball League during my sophomore summer. This was a big contributor to helping me get drafted, as the exposure to professional scouts is unmatched.

 The last college game I pitched before the draft did not go as expected. I was pulled in the third inning because I had strained my pronator teres. This was a tough moment in my life because I knew it would affect my draft stock. I was lucky enough to still be selected in the draft and was eager to sign.

My first year of professional baseball was mainly rehabbing my pronator teres. There was no intention of the team trying to have me pitch that year, so I spent my time in the training room. I came back the next year for spring training healthy and ready to go. Unfortunately, I ended up straining my oblique in my first appearance, so this pushed my season back too. I ended up pitching that year in short-season but did not feel like myself. I struggled a lot but ended the season on a high note.

The following year was 2020, and I was ready to prove myself for the next season. During spring training COVID was starting to intensify, and before you know it our season was postponed. The organization wanted players to continue pitching and training because there was uncertainty as to how long we would be delayed. 

Now the year is 2021 and signs are starting to look better for the minor league season. As I was training for the new year, I tore my UCL and was ruled out completely. This was one of the hardest moments in my life to understand because I felt my professional career was falling apart and I did not know what I could do. When I look back on my training, there was nothing that I would do differently. I was doing everything I could to become the best baseball player; unfortunately, injury is a part of life. 

I spent the entire 2021 season rehabbing my arm, and in June of 2022, I finally had the opportunity to pitch in a game. This was a crazy moment for sure, it had been around 638 days since I had last pitched in a game. My 2022 season did not go as intended, but that is life for you. I was in High-A pitching pretty well but was released on August 14, 2022. A day before my birthday, but who cares, it is a business, right? 

Now here we are in 2023, currently training and improving my craft with the hopes to get back into professional baseball. I do not doubt myself and will continue to prove everyone wrong.

My Goal

Over the years of playing minor league baseball, I have learned so much information in regard to equipment, resources, techniques, diet, and much more. My entire life has been surrounded by baseball, so I am very up-to-date with the latest baseball trends. 

I have had the luxury of training with top-of-the-line products when pitching professionally. My goal is to share this information with anyone who is looking to take their career to the next level. The information I share comes from a personal opinion, and I advise that you do your own research before making any type of purchase. 

I want to lead baseball players in the right direction by providing them with quality resources that will help them excel. I will only mention products that I actually see being used by professional players. I will not be promoting products for the sake of their own brand.