What’s in my Bag? A Look at Professional Pitching Gear

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One of the most popular questions asked by baseball players is, “What do professional baseball players use?” This is a great topic to discuss because I think it is essential for baseball players to use the best baseball equipment. I want to break down the top pitching gear I take to the field, so you can train like a professional.

There is a lot of baseball gear and equipment out there that is advertised to be, “The best baseball product” simply for promotional purposes. In this blog, I want to be fully transparent with the athletes and only provide essential baseball equipment that I would take to the field as a pitcher.

Yes, there are plenty of great baseball tools that I will not mention, but the majority I list are used by all professional baseball pitchers. My goal is to provide baseball players with the necessities, so they can avoid wasting money.

What Do Pitchers Need?


Pitchers need to be equipped with all of the necessary tools that allow them to be fully prepared to compete. This answer will vary with each pitcher, but as a pitcher finds out what works best for their routine, they can hone in on what they need.

I believe that pitchers need to have gear that allows them to warm up, like soft-tissue tools and bands. They also need baseball equipment such as cleats and a glove to perform their activities. These are the basic pitching products that are great for all baseball pitchers. As I get more in-depth in the blog, I will cover beyond the typical gear you think to bring to the baseball field.

Please remember, not all baseball pitchers are the same, what makes sense to me might not make sense to you. I want to bring awareness to other baseball pitching gear that could contribute to your success on the field.

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Best Pitching Gear in my Bag

1. Pitching Glove

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | 11.75" | 2-Piece

My pitching glove has always been a Rawlings Pro Preferred. Rawlings is well-known in the baseball world as one of the best baseball glove brands and is highly used by professional baseball players. The closed-web style is one of the best for pitching gloves because it will help pitchers avoid “tipping” pitches.

There are plenty of other great gloves for pitchers, but I stand by Rawlings because I know the glove will last me at least 4 years. Want to see more pitching gloves? Check out the 5 Best Gloves for Pitchers.

2. Pitching Cleats

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam X 3000 V6 Metal Baseball

What I have learned from my many pairs of baseball cleats over the years, is that the most important qualities for pitching cleats are comfort and durability. You want your baseball cleats you pitch in to feel like they are not restricting your athletic ability in any way.

New Balance baseball cleats are one of the top pitching cleats used by professional baseball players. New Balance cleats offer lightweight cleats that are durable to last you a long season. If you want to learn more about why your baseball cleats matter for pitching, check out the Best Baseball Cleats for Pitchers, where I unlock a secret that could help your velocity.

3. J-Bands

Jaeger J-Bands Resistance Bands for Baseball and Softball Pitchers. Baseball

If there was one piece of baseball equipment I would recommend for all baseball pitchers, it would be Jaeger Bands. Band exercises are performed by almost every Major League Baseball player, and are an essential pitching gear for warming up the arm.

What makes J-Bands so great is that you can use them almost anywhere as long as you have a sturdy object to connect them to. Warming up the arm properly is crucial for pitchers to compete at their best. Already have a pair of bands? Check out the Best Arm-Strengthening Products for Baseball Players for even more baseball tools for pitchers.

4. Baseball Turfs

adidas Men's Adizero Afterburner 8 Turf Baseball Shoe, Black/Silver Metallic/White,

Baseball turfs are worn by pitchers every day as an alternative to tennis shoes or baseball cleats. Turfs are more durable and provide better traction for baseball activities when compared to regular shoes. Adidas Baseball Turfs are one of my favorite brands of turf shoes because they are lightweight and have lasted longer for me than other brands.

I like to wear my baseball turfs for any activity that is not done on the grass or the dirt at a baseball field. That could include stretching, warming up my arm, or even lifting. Every professional baseball pitcher has a pair of baseball turfs they take to the field.

5. Weighted Balls

Marv Balls - Velo Set (Soft Shell Plyo Baseball) Original

Weighted balls are one of the best pitching tools for cleaning up your arm action and improving mechanics. They are commonly used by professional baseball pitchers at every level. Pitchers will use them for activation before throwing a baseball. This gives a pitcher time to focus on drills or mechanics that can help improve their throwing patterns. 

I like Marv Balls better than the alternative weighted ball brands like Driveline and Tap because they will last longer and feel better in my hands with the seams. Every pitcher will have their preferences, but I will never switch from Marv Balls.

6. Pre-Workout

C4 Ripped Sport Pre Workout Powder Arctic Snow Cone -

Some nutritionists might not agree with the caffeine consumption from baseball pitchers, but it is a vital tool for many pitchers. Caffeine is primarily used by pitchers before their outings, whether you are a reliever or a starter. Similar to how you want to be energized for a workout, pitchers want to be amped up for their pitching performance.

I like to use C4 because of the quality taste, and the NSF certification means you will not fail a drug test. When caffeine is used correctly by pitchers, it can contribute to your adrenaline rush and boost your overall performance. If you want even more supplements that can help you succeed on the field, check out The Best Legal Supplements for Baseball Players.

7. Lacrosse Ball

Champion Sports Colored Lacrosse Balls: Blue Official Size Sporting Goods

A lacrosse ball is one of the cheapest pitching gear that is used almost every day by professional baseball pitchers. They are great for soft tissue and the small size allows you to pinpoint different muscle groups. Professional pitchers will use lacrosse balls on their shoulders, forearms, and even lower half.

A lacrosse ball is a great tool for freeing up the range of motion that could be affecting your mechanics. A simple and cost-effective way for baseball players to stay on top of their mobility. Want to see more affordable baseball equipment? Check out Cheap Baseball Equipment Used by Professionals.

8. Creatine

Klean ATHLETE Klean Creatine - Supports Muscle Strength, Performance &

If I could recommend one supplement to all baseball pitchers, it would be Creatine. This supplement has helped me put on more muscular weight which contributed to my jumps in velocity. I have been taking this supplement every day since high school, and can guarantee if used correctly, can improve your performance.

Most professional baseball pitchers are taking creatine and it is a highly recommended supplement by nutritionists in professional baseball. If you are a pitcher looking for more help to gain weight, check out my 5 Best Secrets to Gaining Weight for Baseball Players.

9. Baseballs

Rawlings | MAJOR LEAGUE SPECIFICATIONS Baseball | 12 Count

How can a pitcher perform if they do not have any baseballs? This is one of the most important pitching gear that should be in every pitcher’s bag. Most importantly, you should have the same baseballs that you would use in an actual game. Pitchers need to practice with the same baseballs to build comfort and confidence in their pitches.

Click on the appropriate link to get your correct baseballs:

10. Variety of Bands

WIKDAY Resistance Bands, Pull Up Bands, Workout Bands for Exercise,

Baseball pitchers like to have access to a variety of bands for different exercises and warm-ups. I will use some bands for stretching and others to perform arm-care exercises. This is an essential part of my pitching routine and could be helpful for any pitcher who is looking to stay on top of their arm health.

If you want to see other great products that could help maximize your baseball routine, check out the Best Baseball Products for Developing a Routine.

11. Foam Roller

Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller for Exercise and Recovery

This is an honorable mention because a foam roller will not normally fit in my bag, but I will carry one if I have to. Foam rolling is one of the first activities done by professional baseball players when they get to the field.

Using a foam roller will help release tension and tightness in muscles. This is extremely important for us pitchers because we rely on flexibility, mobility, and full range of motion.

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