Train Like a Pro 24/7: Best At-Home Baseball Training Equipment

At-Home Baseball Training

Baseball is a sport that requires consistent training to be successful. The average professional baseball player spends roughly 6 days out of the week when in season, practicing baseball. If you want to take your game to the next level, incorporating at-home baseball training into your routine can help you achieve your baseball dreams. The athletes with a consistent training regiment are the ones who are more likely to succeed in baseball.

My goal is to share with players, coaches, and parents, the baseball equipment that is safe to use at home and worth the investment. I will be using my professional baseball knowledge to provide the best training equipment that is pro-approved. I want to show athletes that they do not need to be on a baseball field to become better players. With the right focus and mindset, they can play baseball as long as they want.

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The Importance of Training Baseball

Every baseball player wants to make it to the big leagues, as a current free agent, I do too! When we look at the odds of actually making it to the major leagues, the numbers are not reassuring. Most baseball players will not play professional baseball, or college baseball for that matter.

So the odds are not in our favor, so what? If you want to give yourself a higher probability of playing baseball at the next level, you need to be practicing your game as much as possible. This is why I strongly encourage athletes to have some sort of at-home baseball training equipment to stay on top of practicing.

I understand that every baseball player will have a different situation. Juggling school, work, friends, and family can make baseball hard to prioritize. But appropriately using the downtime you do have to perfect your craft can make you a better ballplayer.

Imagine all of the hours you have put into your favorite video game, what if you had applied that to baseball? I am not saying you should not be playing video games, but should all of your free time go towards video games? Younger baseball players who are serious about baseball should make it a healthy habit to implement training into their everyday routine.

What are the Benefits of Training Baseball At Home?

The flexibility when training at home is unmatched. You can go at your own pace and not feel rushed when practicing. Baseball players also perform better when they are relaxed, so training at a place they are familiar with can help reduce stress.

This allows an athlete to work on their skills on their own time without relying on parents, coaches, or friends for assistance. But if an athlete does need help, this is more convenient than going to a baseball field.

Ultimately, at-home training is just a great way to provide baseball players with opportunities to help strengthen their baseball progression. The more baseball training, the better!

Best At-Home Baseball Training Equipment:

1. Baseball Net – For Hitting & Throwing Drills

PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net for Hitting and Throwing with

A baseball net is one of the best multi-purpose tools players can use when training at home. Professional baseball players commonly use baseball nets when training during the off-season for throwing and hitting drills.

A baseball net ensures safety by containing the ball within a confined space, reducing the risk of accidents or damage. Secondly, it offers convenience, allowing you to practice whenever and wherever you want, without the need for a large playing field.

Lastly, using a baseball net contributes to skill development by providing repetition and consistent practice opportunities. It allows you to refine your throwing accuracy, improve swing mechanics, develop hand-eye coordination, and enhance overall performance on the field.

2. Baseball Tee – For At-Home Hitting Drills

Tanner Heavy: Professional Quality Batting Tee | Premium Baseball Softball

A baseball tee is a fantastic tool for at-home training, offering numerous benefits for baseball players. It provides a convenient and accessible way to practice hitting without the need for a large playing area. With a baseball tee, players can work on their swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination, and timing right from the comfort of their own homes.

It allows for repetitive practice, helping players develop muscle memory and consistency in their swing. The tee also enables players to focus on specific aspects of their hitting technique, such as contact point, bat path, and adjustability to different pitch heights. Pair this with a baseball net and players can practice hitting drills all day!

3. Ground Ball Machine – For At-Home Fielding Drills

Heater Sports Slider Lite 360 Baseball Pitching Machine, Holds 12

Working on fielding ground balls at home can be challenging. If you do not have a person to help you practice, it can almost seem impossible. This ground ball machine, advertised as a pitching machine, can be adjusted to deliver perfect ground balls.

Simply adjust the machine angle and you can begin working on fielding drills. What I like most is that the machine has an automatic ball feeder, so you can perform fielding drills on your own. The machine reaches a velocity of 60mph with a regular baseball, but that is enough velocity to get the job done with ground ball training.

Adjust the angle for fly balls, or even try hitting off the machine. Regardless of what baseball activity you want to perform at home, this machine can help you without the need for assistance.

4. MaxBP Pitching Machine – For At-Home Hitting Training

MaxBP Original AC with 96 White Balls

Hitting off the tee is always a great training strategy, but hitters also need to see live pitching. This can be difficult at home if you do not have a batting cage or enough space to hit real baseballs.

The MaxBP Pitching machine uses mini-training balls that are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This compact and portable machine delivers a realistic pitching experience, allowing players to practice their hitting skills anytime, anywhere. With adjustable speed and pitch variation options, players can replicate different pitch types and velocities, helping them improve their timing, pitch recognition, and overall hitting ability.

Perfect for helping baseball players of any age build confidence in their swing!

5. Pitching Mound – For At-Home Pitching Drills

ProMounds Promodel Pitching Mound with Clay Turf

If you want to become a better baseball pitcher, you need to be using a baseball mound as much as possible. As a player who has pitched in professional baseball, I can guarantee this is one of the best investments for baseball pitchers.

Yes, pitchers can certainly train their mechanics on flat ground, but this is not always the best option. If a baseball player is unable to transfer their flat ground mechanics to the pitching mound, then they are not properly training. Most coaches and athletes do not understand that training with a slope is completely different than throwing on flat ground. Simply put, a pitcher’s body moves differently when throwing on a mound, so training with one is crucial for developing pitchers.

This is why baseball pitchers who want to improve their pitching mechanics, should be touching the mound as frequently as possible when training. A pitching mound at home is a great way to stay build confidence in pitchers and help them become comfortable with their mechanics.

6. Pitcher’s Pocket Pro – For Pitching Command Training

The Original 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket© Pro - Black

The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro, also referred to as a 9-square, is a baseball training tool that can be used to focus on command. Professional baseball players will use 9-squares during spring training or even during the season. Catchers are not always available for pitchers, so we need to improvise. The nice part about the 9-square is that you can work on your pitching, without having to rely on a catcher.

This is great for pitchers who want to improve their command when training at home. When paired with a pitching mound, ballplayers can throw bullpens whenever they want. What makes separates this from a normal baseball net, is the accurate strike zone. This allows a pitcher to have a much stronger focus instead of throwing to a large target.

A terrific way for pitchers to work on pitches and train to throw strikes!

7. Weighted Balls – For Improving Throwing Mechanics

Marv Balls - Velo Set (Soft Shell Plyo Baseball) Original

Weighted balls are one of the most popular baseball training equipment used by professional organizations. A lot of average baseball fans are skeptical of implementing them into training, but I fully support them. My understanding with weighted balls is that when throwing a ball with heavier weight than a baseball, our body and arm understand the ball is heavier, so our arm works in a more efficient throwing pattern to avoid stress. This can then be blended with lower-weighted balls and regular baseballs to create a smooth throwing motion. Essentially, with better mechanics, a baseball player can result in an increase in velocity.

These are a great way for baseball players who want to work on throwing higher intent when training at home. The weighted balls are built with durable material so they can withstand being thrown into concrete or a fence.

One thing I must note, they should be used by baseball players who are at least at the high school level, at a young age it is easier to misuse them, so I strongly advise a mature baseball player to use them.

8. Throwing Spinners – For Improving Spin Efficiency

SHOP PLAY 9 Leather Baseball Spinners, Baseball Throwing Spin Trainers

A problem with baseball players of any age is, “cutting the baseball.” This means the ball is not coming out of the hand correctly and results in an off-target throw. This can happen to any baseball player and professional baseball players have to stay on top of it as well.

This Throwing Spinners is a great baseball training product for instant feedback on your spin efficiency. The goal is to throw the ball with precision and spin, resulting in a smooth and stable rotation. This ball is designed for 4-seam fastballs, but you can even throw 2-seam fastballs or changeups. This is a simple and easy baseball tool that can be used with a net to perfect your spin at home!

9. Water Bag & Ball – For Improving Stability

Tidal Tank - Slim - Aqua Bag, Water Sandbag - Tidal Tank Sphere - Original Aqua Ball with Water Weight

Water bags are a great training tool for both pitchers and hitters. The water bag is filled with water and air to provide an unstable, constantly moving weight. This will force ballplayers to stabilize as they go through their movement patterns.

I have used the water ball while doing training on the mound, and have seen hitters use the water bag when practicing their swings. Stability is important for baseball players because it helps them maintain proper body control and balance during athletic movements, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury. Stability is one of the biggest flaws I see in youth baseball players, so this is a unique way to train without stressing the body.

This is essential baseball training equipment that can be used inside or outside when practicing at home! Master rotation and improve your throwing or hitting mechanics.

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