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best baseball training equipment

Throughout my experience in professional baseball, I have had the opportunity to use a variety of baseball training equipment. I can credit a lot of the training tools I have used for helping me succeed at a high level of baseball. In this blog, I will break down the essential baseball equipment I have used or seen other professional baseball players use.

Quick disclaimer, I have been a pitcher only from college to professional baseball. Some of the fielding and hitting equipment I mention has not been used by me, but I have seen other professionals use it. I want to be able to relate to baseball players and help improve their baseball careers, regardless of the position they play.

Baseball players who want to take their careers to a higher level must implement different training tools into their routines. Ballplayers can not practice once a week and expect to excel come game time. Yes, there are some naturally gifted ball players, but that is not the case for most.

Baseball players of any age need to practice multiple times throughout the week to strengthen their tools and sharpen their game. To put into perspective how much high-caliber players practice: division 1 and professional baseball players will practice roughly 6-7 days throughout the week. Consistency is key with baseball, so making sure you stay on top of your game is a must if you want to make baseball a career. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of different training equipment and tools for baseball. The power of social media can influence a lot of products to seem “too good to be true” with instant results and immediate satisfaction. That is why we will only cover products that come with no gimmicks and have been used by professionals.

Please remember, no baseball training item will make you throw 100mph and hit a ball 500ft. Many variables play a part in your baseball progressions such as lifting, nutrition/supplements, throwing program, recovery, and much more. 

Baseball can also be an expensive sport, that is why I want to lead ballplayers in the right direction so they are not wasting time and money. I do not recommend buying every single baseball product listed. I want ballplayers to recognize their flaws in the game that need improvement, and see if the baseball training equipment could have a positive impact on their progression.

Ballplayers need to understand that a baseball training product might work for someone, but will not work for themselves. What makes sense to me, might not make sense to you. Ballplayers need to rely on their own judgment and feelings when training with different baseball equipment

My goal is to highlight the essential baseball training equipment for ballplayers and coaches. I want to share my thoughts and experiences with the baseball training tools and help others gain knowledge. Let’s dive into the best baseball training equipment to help take your game to the next level.

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Best Baseball Training Equipment

1. Water Bag & Ball – Train Stability

Tidal Tank - Slim - Aqua Bag, Water Sandbag -

Tidal Tank Sphere - Original Aqua Ball with Water Weight

Water bags are a great training tool for both pitchers and hitters. The water bag is filled with water and air to provide an unstable, constantly moving weight. This will force ballplayers to stabilize as they go through their movement patterns.

I have used the water ball while doing training on the mound, and have seen hitters use the water bag when practicing their swings. Stability is important for baseball players because it helps them maintain proper body control and balance during athletic movements, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Stability is one of the biggest flaws I see in youth baseball players, so this is a unique way to train without stressing the body. There is an unlimited amount of workouts and training you can do with these water bags. I like to find video ideas on the internet and try them.

2. Medicine Balls – Improve Hip Rotation

Dynamax Mini 6lb Soft-Shell 10" Medicine Ball/Wall Ball Standard Black/Grey

A must-have baseball training product for any pitcher or hitter. Medicine Balls are a versatile training tool that can be used for a variety of exercises and movements. They are used by practically every professional baseball player and are a key component in my personal routine. Medicine ball throws are a great way to get the hips warmed up before performing your baseball work for the day.

I like to think about it like this, a pitcher or a hitter should not be activating their hips with their first throw or swing. They need to have their lower half ready to go as a part of their routine. Rotation is a big piece in baseball, so these medicine balls will come in handy.

When deciding on weight, I would stay away from anything above 8 pounds. I like to use the 4 and 6-pound medicine balls, because the heavier you go, the less you are using your lower half and relying on your upper half. Which might not be what you are trying to achieve.

3. Tap Connection Ball – Improve Mechanics

TAP Connection Ball, 9in-12in, Improve Arm Action, Perfect for Pilates,

The Connection Ball is a baseball training tool designed to help ballplayers improve their mechanics. This 12-inch inflatable ball is an effective way to train for efficient movement patterns, particularly for pitchers and hitters.

Pitchers can use the Connection Ball to practice and maintain proper arm positions. By inflating the ball and holding it between their throwing arm and body, pitchers can feel the correct arm path and position for their delivery. This visual indicator helps pitchers achieve optimal mechanical efficiency, which translates to increased accuracy and velocity on the mound.

Hitters, on the other hand, can use the Connection Ball to address hitting disconnections and improve their overall technique. By focusing on hitting the ball while holding the ball between their arms, hitters can train themselves to maintain proper arm and body positioning throughout their swing. This helps them achieve greater power and consistency at the plate.

4. Throwing Spinners – Improve Spin Efficiency

SHOP PLAY 9 Leather Baseball Spinners, Baseball Throwing Spin Trainers

A problem with baseball players of any age is, “cutting the baseball.” This means the ball is not coming out of the hand correctly and results in an off-target throw. This can happen to any baseball player and professional baseball players have to stay on top of it as well.

This Throwing Spinners is a great baseball training product for instant feedback on your spin efficiency. The goal is to throw the ball with precision and spin, resulting in a smooth and stable rotation. This ball is designed for 4-seam fastballs, but you can even throw 2-seam fastballs or changeups. This is a simple and easy baseball tool that can be used in catch play. Ultimately, once you have succeeded with the Spin Ball, you want to blend that throw with a normal baseball to try and achieve the same results.

5. Weighted Balls – Clean up Throwing Pattern

Marv Balls - Velo Set (Soft Shell Plyo Baseball) Original Driveline Baseball PlyoCare® Balls - Weighted Training Balls

Weighted balls are one of the most popular baseball training equipment used by professional organizations. A lot of average baseball fans are skeptical of implementing them into training, but I fully support them. My understanding with weighted balls is that when throwing a ball with heavier weight than a baseball, our body and arm understand the ball is heavier, so our arm works in a more efficient throwing pattern to avoid stress. This can then be blended with lower-weighted balls and regular baseballs to create a smooth throwing motion.

As a pitcher, I have made plenty of throws with plyo balls. They are great for improving mechanics and ultimately increasing velocity. One thing I must note, they should be used by baseball players that are at least at the high school level, at a young age it is easier to use them incorrectly, so I strongly advise a mature baseball player to use them.

There are two brands that professional baseball players use, Driveline and Marv Balls. Both plyo balls are great and will accomplish what you desire from them. I personally like the Marv Balls because of the seams they have incorporated into the plyo balls. They feel more like a baseball and in my eyes translate better. Marv balls also seem to keep their shape better. When you are constantly using plyo balls, it is completely normal for them to lose air or break. I have noticed that the Marv balls are built with a much more durable quality.

6. Blast Baseball – Swing Analyzer

Blast Baseball - Swing Analyzer (Sensor) Advanced Player Development for

The Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer is a cutting-edge sensor that provides the most accurate swing analysis in the game, making it an essential baseball training tool for players looking to improve their performance. Many professional organizations will have batters using the Blast when they are hitting in the cage or playing in an intrasquad. Analytics are a big part of professional baseball, so teams will utilize any device to collect data.

Trusted by professional and college players, the Blast Swing Analyzer offers advanced metrics, insights, and drills to help players build a more powerful, well-connected swing. Additionally, the device features smart video capture, allowing players to record and clip video of each swing with metrics overlaid, and Air Swings, which enable training in any location without a ball. With easy attachment to any baseball bat, the Blast Swing Analyzer is a simple and effective way for players to enhance their game.

7. Ground Ball Machine – Practice Makes Perfect

Heater Sports Slider Lite 360 Baseball Pitching Machine, Holds 12

The average person does not understand how many ground ball repetitions professional baseball players take. Even the best of the best continue to work on this aspect of the game for hours at a time. This is an efficient baseball training tool that can even be used at home.

This Ground Ball Machine is advertised as a pitching machine, but an older player can find it useful for ground ball practice. The tripod legs can be adjusted and the machine itself tilts up, down, and sideways. This is perfect for adjusting ground balls or even doing fly balls. A baseball can only reach 60mph, but that will still get the job done.

Professionals use ground ball machines for more consistent repetitions instead of relying on someone hitting with a bat. What I like most about this baseball training equipment, is that a ballplayer could set it up themselves and work on their fielding alone. This baseball training tool can be used by athletes of any age!

8. AllStar Training Mitt 9.5 inch – Improve Coordination

All-Star The Pick 9.5 Inch FG100TM Baseball Fielder's Training Glove

As mentioned earlier, professional baseball players spend so much time fielding ground balls. There are plenty of tools that are used to help improve your fielding, but this is one of the best. Professional baseball players of any level can be seen using a small fielding glove from time to time. The goal is to become comfortable fielding with the smaller mitt, and then transition that feeling to your normal baseball glove. Trust me, if you can field effectively with this glove, you will have no problem with any ground ball.

The AllStar Training Mitt is designed to encourage players to focus on their hand positioning and develop proper technique when fielding the ball. The glove also has a shallow pocket, which makes it easier for players to have a fast transfer from the glove, to hand, to throw. The overall design of the glove also contributes to advancing players’ reaction time and hand-eye coordination. The glove is a fun baseball training tool that can help increase fielding confidence!

9. Baseball Net – Practice Any Time

PowerNet Baseball Softball Practice Net for Hitting and Throwing with

One of the most common problems professional baseball players run into during the off-season is not having a throwing partner. This can make it difficult to keep the arm in shape and be ready for the spring. Baseball players of any age should have a baseball net available for them so they can continue to train with no obstacles. I always have a baseball net ready to go, because I never know when I will not have a throwing partner.

A baseball net is the most practical baseball equipment I can think of. Most people might think a ballplayer is fine with just throwing into a fence at the field, but that is not the case. A baseball player needs a precise target to train good mechanics and focus. A baseball net can be set up anywhere like in the backyard or even in front of a base.

I see professionals all the time taking ground ball repetitions and working on making a good throw to a net when there are no players to help at first. This net can also be used for hitting off the tee, so you do not have to rely on going to the batting cage. A baseball net is extremely versatile and can benefit ballplayers of any age to perfect their game.

10. Tanner Heavy Tee – Professional Quality

Tanner Heavy: Professional Quality Batting Tee | Premium Baseball Softball

No matter how old a baseball player is, they should always take reps off the tee. Professional baseball players hit off the tee every day, so there is no excuse for other baseball players to think that they are too good for tee work. Professional baseball players continue to use a batting tee as it helps them concentrate on particular elements of their swing and make necessary modifications.

The tee offers a stable target for the players to hit, which enables them to enhance their hand-eye coordination, bat speed, and mechanics without having to consider pitch location or speed. Moreover, hitting off a tee provides players with the opportunity to practice specific components of their swing, including timing, contact point, and follow-through, which may be challenging to improve during live batting practice or games.

If you want a quality tee check out the Tanner Heavy. The heaviest and most durable batting tee on the market. Designed with commercial-grade rubber over mold, it features three points of contact for exceptional balance and minimal creep during use. The flexible rubber Flextop cone, ensures ball stability without interfering with your swing, allowing you to focus on the ball and not the tee at contact. The Claw Base allows you to achieve any tee placement, on or off the home plate, or on grass, without the tee leaning. An essential baseball training product for ballplayers of any age!

11. Pocket Radar – Track Your Velocity

Pocket Radar Smart Coach Speed Gun for Baseball, Hockey, Softball

Velocity is a crucial component of professional baseball. Players who can throw and hit the ball hard are way more respected. There are other factors to be considered, but velocity is key. I am a big fan of the Pocket Radar because it is affordable and easy to set up. Keeping track of your velocity is extremely important when determining if you are making progress, or if what you are doing is working.

The Pocket Radar is an innovative stand-alone radar gun that can be used with an iOS or Android app to display exit velocities, pitching speeds, and more in bright red LED and through the speaker. The device also allows users to record auto-edited videos with speed embedded that can be shared via email, text message, or social media using the free Pocket Radar app, which pairs to the Smart Coach device via Bluetooth.

With its unique ability to automatically capture videos with embedded velocities, the Smart Coach app system allows for remote coaching and training, which has been shown to result in an accelerated improvement of skills. The Pocket Radar is compatible with the free Pocket Radar app on Apple and Android devices and includes a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

12. Pitcher’s Pocket Pro – Improve Pitching Command

The Original 9 Hole Pitchers Pocket© Pro - Black

The Pitcher’s Pocket Pro, also referred to as a 9-square, is a baseball training tool that can be used to focus on command. Professional baseball players will use 9-squares during spring training or even during the season. Catchers are not always on the same time as pitchers, so we need to improvise. The nice part about the 9-square is that you can work on your pitching, without having to rely on a catcher. This is extremely valuable because professionals need to be able to work on their craft at any time.

I have personally tried throwing off the mound into a large net, only to realize that I was wasting my time. Yes, I do encourage using any type of net if this is not affordable. But, having a precise strike zone will force you to focus on your pitches more and give your bullpen a realistic feel. The main objective when throwing a bullpen is for the work to be quality.

If you do not have a strike zone or target to throw to, chances are the bullpen will not be quality. The 9-square is easy to set up and can be used at the field or even at your house. I strongly encourage baseball players to use baseball training equipment that enhances their training to be more, “game-like.”

13. The Designated Hitter – Enhance Your Focus

On Deck Sports Designated Hitter® Pro | Baseball & Softball

Professional baseball pitchers will utilize a “baseball dummy” when throwing a bullpen to simulate a real game experience. The purpose of the baseball dummy is to help pitchers become comfortable with their pitches with a batter in the box. The dummy is great because you will not have to worry about hitting a live batter.

The biggest factor I notice when I use a dummy in bullpens is that my level of focus is enhanced. It is so easy to hop on the mound and get carried away with throwing the ball hard and focusing too much on mechanics. When you place the dummy in your bullpen, you will think less about the external factors that will slow you down and instead will find a competitive mindset.

The biggest problem I see with youth baseball players is that they are not as comfortable in a real game. Their bullpens look great, but once a real batter steps in, they look like a different baseball player. The baseball dummy will help pitchers become more comfortable with a batter in the box. This is crucial for any pitcher to excel at their position. A confident and comfortable pitcher is an effective pitcher.

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