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best baseball gloves

Baseball players who are serious about the game need to invest in quality baseball gloves. Younger baseball players can get away with using an inexpensive glove because they are still learning and developing. Their baseball demands will differ from a more mature baseball player, so a cheaper glove is more practical. I know the hours that a more experienced baseball player will undergo in the early stages of their career, so a dependable baseball glove is a necessity.

I want to help the baseball players who are practicing/playing consistently find the best baseball gloves worth investing in. While doing additional research on baseball gloves I found it laughable what these “experts” are suggesting. I do not want baseball players to be led in the wrong direction. I want them to invest in baseball equipment that is actually worth the money.

Throughout my professional baseball experience, I have used and seen what the best of the best are using on the field. My goal is to share this information and help baseball players find a reliable glove that will last.

I will provide the gloves I think are the most reliable for every position in baseball. As always, please do your own additional research before purchasing.

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Why is a Quality Baseball Glove Important?

Once baseball players reach a certain age in their baseball career, their demands start to increase. There will be more practices, training, and games. Ballplayers need a glove they can rely on for the amount they will use. The cheap and flimsy baseball glove they have been using for years will need to be replaced.

Yes, I understand everyone has different financial situations and an expensive glove might not be in the budget. I like to look at buying a baseball glove as more of an investment for the baseball player. Prices are higher for better baseball gloves because you are paying for more quality leather.

High-quality leather has many benefits for baseball gloves:

  • Durability: High-quality leather is more resistant to wear and tear. The glove can withstand greater use before breaking down. This implies it will last longer and perform better over time.
  • Improved Fit: High-quality leather must be broken in. While wearing the glove, it will adjust to the way your hand wishes to work. Because the leather has molded to the baseball player’s hand, they will find it more comfortable.
  • Better Hold: High-quality leather gives a more secure hold on the ball. I’m not claiming you’ll be a better fielder, but a glove broken in to your liking will improve your ability to squeeze the glove when catching.
  • Increased Confidence: A high-quality glove will feel more comfortable on your hand and help you build trust. Confidence is huge in baseball, so you want a glove that you know has been broken in to your liking.

At What Age Should You Buy a Better Baseball Glove?

For baseball players who are playing baseball regularly, 12 years old is a great time to upgrade their glove. This was the age I began using my first higher-quality baseball glove and for all the right reasons. I was playing travel baseball throughout the year, and middle school baseball during the spring. I had a more strenuous baseball schedule, so I needed a glove that would last. Everyone will have a different situation, but if baseball is a top priority in your life, that is the time to buy a better baseball glove.

One thing people might not understand is that glove sizes do not increase drastically as you age. From 12 years old to my current 25-year-old self, my glove size has increased by .25 inches. This is great because if you truly take care of your glove, you will receive many years in return. This can be different if you change positions as you get older, so let’s take a look at sizing.

What Size Baseball Glove Do I Buy?

AgePositionGlove Size
12+ years oldInfield11.25″ – 12″
12+ years oldOutfield12″ – 12.75″
12+ years old1st Base12″ – 13
12+ years oldPitcher11.25″ – 12″

I have attached a baseball table that illustrates the age and sizing for gloves based on position. As you can see, the glove sizes for infielders are pretty much the same for every position except for first base.

First-base gloves are bigger than other gloves because they need to have a larger surface area to help players catch the ball. The larger size allows first basemen to scoop up low throws and to reach for balls that are thrown wide of the base.

Outfielders need to be able to cover a lot of ground and track down balls hit deep into the outfield, so having a larger glove helps them make these catches with more ease.

The glove sizing shown above is pretty accurate to what professional baseball players will be using. For example, I can not name a professional infielder that uses a baseball glove over 12″. Please use this chart for confirmation when deciding on a glove based on your position.

What Baseball Glove Brand is the Best?

Rawlings is by far the most popular glove brand. The majority of professional baseball players use Rawlings and the runner-up is Wilson. But remember, just because it is the most popular, does not mean it is best for you.

Rawlings is renowned for their Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred series gloves, which are made of high-quality leather and are known for their durability and longevity. These gloves are constructed from full-grain leather and have a stiff design. In contrast, Wilson is known for their A2000 and A2K series gloves, also crafted from high-quality leather and designed to be more flexible and easier to break in than Rawlings gloves. These two brands lead the way in professional baseball. I believe they are the most reliable glove brands on the market and any baseball player will benefit from using them.

Both Rawlings and Wilson offer a wide range of gloves for different positions and playing styles, each with unique features and benefits. Ultimately, the most suitable glove for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. The gloves I will be breaking down will be either Rawlings or Wilson, simply because they are the most worthwhile investments.

Understanding Different Baseball Webs

A baseball web connects the fingers and thumb for control of the ball on impact. A tightly braided piece of leather helps fielders close their hand on the ball to keep possession. Most fly balls, pop-ups, and line drives get caught in the web. Not all webs are the same and different positions tend to utilize a different web. There really is no right or wrong answer, but there are certainly benefits of specific webs for each position.

The most common web patterns used by professional infielders are the I and H-web. The name comes from the leather on the web being shaped to form an I or H. Other web patterns used by infielders are single-post and one-piece webs. The majority of the MLB infielders use the I-web pattern, but this does not mean you have to as well. Whichever webbing feels the most comfortable to you is the best to pick.

The most common web pattern used by professional outfielders is the H-web. Other web patterns used by outfielders are trapeze, single-post, and modified trapeze.

The biggest difference between the infielder and outfielder webs is how they close. An I-web does a great job at creating an open pocket, which allows infielders to make faster transfers. An H-web produces a more closed pocket, which is perfect for making sure the ball is securely in the glove when catching.

Now you can take this information and think about it from your perspective of playing. If you are an infielder who wants to have quick transfers for tough ground balls or double plays, then an I-web will be great. Outfielders who are concerned with the ball staying in their glove will benefit from an H-web, trapeze, or single post.

Pitchers that are at a high level of competition will want to use a basket or two-piece web. Younger pitchers can get away with using any web, but as you get older the web is important. Pitchers will want a web that completely hides the ball in their glove. This will allow the pitcher to grip their pitches without the chance of the other team being able to pick up on their grips (tipping pitches).

Best Baseball Gloves Worth Buying

1. Rawlings Pro-Preferred

Rawlings Pro Preferred is a series of premium baseball gloves tailored for skilled and professional players. This is by far my favorite glove of all time and the only glove I will ever use. The gloves are crafted using superior materials such as full-grain Kip leather, known for its robustness, durability, and smooth surface. Rawlings Pro Preferred gloves are widely recognized for their superior quality and expert artistry, hence, making them a top preference among serious baseball players of all skill levels. The Rawlings Pro-Preferred will last you many years on the ball field. Click here to shop all Rawlings Pro-Preferred.

2. Rawlings Heart of The Hide

Rawlings Heart of the Hide is a renowned series of high-quality baseball gloves favored by professional and advanced players. These gloves are crafted from top-notch leather materials, including full-grain steer hide and deer-tanned cowhide, known for their strength, durability, and smooth texture. The gloves feature a distinctive dual-core technology that creates a softer feel, faster break-in, and more accurate pocket formation. Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves are known for their superior quality and craftsmanship. They are a more affordable option compared to the Pro Preferred models. Click here to shop all Rawlings Heart of the Hide.

3. Wilson A2K

Wilson A2K gloves are a highly regarded line of premium baseball gloves tailored for professional and advanced players. These gloves are constructed from high-quality leather, including Pro Stock Select leather, recognized for its durability, uniformity, and luxurious texture. The glove is more expensive than the A2000 model because the leather is thoroughly inspected for perfection. The gloves are equipped with a dual palm design that guarantees additional pocket stability and a rolled dual welting feature that preserves the glove’s form with extended use. Wilson A2K gloves are known for their superior quality and craftsmanship, making them a leading option for committed baseball players of all levels. Click here to shop all Wilson A2K.

4. Wilson A2000

Wilson A2000 gloves are a less expensive alternative to Wilson A2K gloves. These gloves are composed of high-quality leather, such as Pro Stock Leather, which is noted for its durability and strength. The gloves include a unique dual welting technique that helps them keep their form and adds support to the pocket. During extended games or practice sessions, the Dri-Lex wrist lining helps to wick away sweat and keep the player’s hand dry. Wilson A2000 gloves are a popular choice for serious ballplayers looking for a premium glove due to their great quality and craftsmanship. Click here to shop all Wilson A2000.

Best Baseball Gloves for Infielders

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 11.5 Inch – Pro I Web – (Camel/Black)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | 11.5" | Pro

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 11.75 – Pro I Web – (Black/Scarlet)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | Francisco Lindor Model

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 11.5 Inch – Single Post Web – (Camel/Black)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | 11.5" | Single

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 11.25 Inch – Pro I Web – (Camel)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Traditional

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 11.75 Inch – Single Post Web – (Black/White)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Traditional

Wilson A2K | 11.5 Inch – I Web – (Black/Grey)

Wilson A2K Infield Baseball Gloves - 11.5", 11.75" and 12",

Wilson A2000 | 11.5 Inch – I Web – (Saddle Tan)

Wilson 2021 A2000 DP15 11.5" Infield Baseball Glove - Saddle

Best Baseball Gloves for Outfielders

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 12.25 Inch – Pro H Web – (Camel)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | Kris Bryant Model

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 12.75 Inch – Pro H Web – (Scarlet/Navy)

Rawlings | PRO Preferred Baseball Glove | Sizes 11.5" -

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 12.75 Inch – Trap-Eze Web – (Tan)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | Mike Trout Model

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 12.75 Inch – Pro H Web – (Tan/Black)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Hypershell

Wilson A2K | 12.75 Inch – H Web – (Black/Red)

Wilson A2K Game Model Outfield Baseball Gloves - Juan Soto

Wilson A2K | 12.75 Inch – Single Post Web – (Black/Grey)

Wilson A2K 1775 Spin Control 12.75" Outfield Baseball Glove -

Best Baseball Gloves for First Basemen

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 13 Inch – Single Post – Double Bar Web – (Camel)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball First Base Glove | 13"

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 12.5 Inch – Pro H Web – (Black)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball First Base Mitt

Wilson A2K | 12.5 Inch – Single Post Double Bar Web – (Black/Blonde)

Wilson 2021 Jose Abreu A2K JAB79 GM 12.5" Baseball First

Best Baseball Gloves for Catchers

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 33 Inch – 1-Piece Solid Web – (Tan/Camel)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Catchers Glove | 33" |

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 34 Inch – 1-Piece Solid Web – (Camel/Black)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Catcher's Mitt | 34" |

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 33 Inch – 1-Piece Solid Web – (Tan)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Catchers Glove |

Wilson A2K | 33.5 Inch – 1-Piece Solid Web – (Vintage Tan/Black)

Wilson 2023 A2K M1DSS 33.5” Baseball Catcher’s Mitt - Right

Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers/Infield

Rawlings Pro-Preferred | 11.75 Inch – 2-Piece Closed Web – (Camel/Tan)

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | 11.75" | 2-Piece

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 11.75 Inch – 2-Piece Solid Web – (Black)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Lightweight

Rawlings Heart of the Hide | 12 Inch – 2-Piece Solid Web – (Black/Camel)

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Speedshell

Rawlings REV1X | 11.75 Inch – 2-Piece Web – (Black)

Rawlings | REV1X Baseball Glove | 2-Piece Web | 11.75"

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