Professional Approved: 11 Best Arm-Strengthening Products for Baseball Players

arm-strengthening products

How to throw harder in baseball?

Love it or hate it, velocity is the name of the game. And building arm strength is one of the biggest goals for all baseball players. Everyone wants to throw harder, but not everyone knows where to start. In this blog, I will discuss some of the best arm-strengthening products for baseball players that professionals use.

Throughout my professional baseball career, I have had the opportunity to try a ton of different baseball training products. These products are an important part of my baseball routine and a key component to helping me gain velocity. My goal is to share with baseball players of all ages, some of the items and tools professionals use to build arm strength.

I do not want you to think this is a shortcut to gaining velocity. Many factors go into throwing a baseball harder like lifting regimen, throwing program, supplements, diet, and more. What these products will do, however, is assist you in strengthening the proper muscles that are essential for throwing harder. 

For baseball players, having a strong throwing arm is similar to having a strong foundation for a home. Much like a home needs a solid foundation to endure the weather, a baseball player needs a strong arm to handle velocity. Without a solid foundation, a house has a higher chance of collapsing. Similar to baseball players, those with weak arms are more prone to suffer injuries or have trouble performing. Therefore, just as a house needs a solid foundation to stand the test of time, baseball players must prioritize strengthening their arms to avoid injury and excel on the field for years to come.

The blueprints for building a strong foundation are not always clear-cut. Some training techniques work for baseball players but will not work for others. The most important information I want baseball players to gather is that finding the right tools is essential for building a baseball routine

Every product I describe for building arm strength will be an item that I have used throughout my baseball career. I want to bring awareness to these great products and lead baseball players in the right direction. I want baseball players to learn how to take care of their arms correctly to avoid pain or soreness. So let’s take a look at the top baseball products to help ballplayers build a stronger throwing arm. Please do your own additional research, because a product that works for me, might not fit best for you.

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Best Arm-Strengthening Products for Baseball Players:

1. Baseball Bands – For Strong Scapular & Rotator Cuff Muscles

Crossover Symmetry Medium 10 lbs Shoulder Resistance/Exercise Bands - Perfect

J-Bands Baseball Pitching Trainer, Fluorescent Green, 1

Every baseball player needs this in their bag. When deciding on baseball bands, there are two brands that professional baseball players use, Crossover Symmetry Bands and Jaegar Bands. Both of these bands are great at improving shoulder stability, scapular muscle strength, and preventing injury. Baseball bands are by far one of the most important items a baseball player of any age should be implementing into their routine. There are a variety of different band resistances that will make it safe to use for any ball player. I can not stress enough how important arm care is for baseball players, so please make this item a top priority. When deciding on which brand to go for, I will personally say that I use both, but I prefer crossover symmetry. I like them the most because different band resistances can be used for your shoulder strengthening. I like the flexibility and truthfully, their resistance levels get my arms the most prepared. When deciding on which level of bands to purchase, I recommend doing your own research for appropriate levels for age specific. I use the yellow (10 pounds) and red (15 pounds) bands.

Body Blade & Shoulder Tube – For Shoulder Mobility & Stability

Bodyblade CXT Kit (Yellow)

Tap The Shoulder Tube, Black

Shoulder care is a must for any baseball player. Bands are a great tool for shoulder strengthening, but there are other products I recommend implementing into the routine as well. Two popular shoulder products are used by professional baseball players, shoulder tube and body blade. Both do an excellent job of improving shoulder stability and strength. This is a must-have in my baseball routine and can be used before and after your day of baseball. The shoulder tube is great, but the size is very large. The grip on the shoulder tube also tends to wear and makes it difficult to maintain stability. I personally love both but prefer to use the body blade. The body blade has different sizes and the grip makes it easier to control. Both are terrific and I highly recommend either.

3. Lightweight Dumbbells – For Strong Forearm & Scapular Muscles)

Amazon Basics Neoprene Coated Hexagon Workout Dumbbell Hand Weight, Rack

Lightweight dumbbells are heavily utilized by professional baseball players. When strengthening your baseball throwing arm, it is important to understand that you do not have to use the heaviest weights to build muscle. The areas we are focusing on with these lightweight dumbbells can vary, but I like to use them for the scapular and forearm muscles.

Serratus anterior, trapezius, and rhomboids muscle strengthening can assist in maintaining good scapular alignment and stability throughout the throwing motion, lowering the risk of shoulder and elbow injuries. It is also crucial to strengthen the forearm muscles, notably the wrist flexors, and extensors, to enhance wrist stability. Baseball players need to stay on top of these muscles if they want to have a healthy arm that can ultimately gain velocity.

4. Cuff Weights – Best at Targeting Shoulder Strength

The Deluxe Cuff Ankle and Wrist Weight - 2 lb

Professional baseball players are encouraged to use cuff weights while performing shoulder-strengthening exercises. Cuff weights will provide a more focused and controlled workout. With cuff weights, the weight is distributed evenly around the wrist, this will give you a more stable feeling and not cause you to tense or tighten up like gripping a dumbbell. The exercises we normally do involve external rotation, internal rotation, abduction, and flexion. Cuff weights make it much easier to hold your scapula muscles in place while performing any strengthening exercise. I would advise using a cuff weight on each arm and keeping the weight low at first. We primarily use the 2 and 3-pound cuff weights.

5. Kettle Bell – For Improving Shoulder Strength & Stability

BalanceFrom Set of 3 Vinyl Ergonomic Wide Kettlebell Exercise Workout

Kettle Bells are a great tool for shoulder strengthening and building stability. As mentioned earlier, we do not need to focus on extremely heavy weights when strengthening the throwing arm. A popular workout done by professional baseball players is the bottoms-up kettlebell carry. The bottoms-up kettlebell carry is an exercise that involves holding a kettlebell upside down by the handle and walking with it. This exercise helps to improve grip strength, shoulder stability, and overall upper body strength. I recommend starting with a lighter weight and gradually increasing as you gain strength and confidence.

6. Hand Putty – For a Healthy Forearm

CanDo TheraPutty Standard Hand Exercise Putty For Rehabilitation, Exercises, Hand

Throughout my baseball career, I dealt with forearm and elbow injuries. I suffered a pronator teres strain and tore my UCL. Forearm strengthening was a top priority when I was recovering from both of these injuries. The forearm is important for gripping and releasing the ball, stabilizing the elbow joint, and controlling the deceleration phase of the throwing motion. I can not stress how crucial it is to strengthen the forearm muscles. Hand putty is one of my favorite tools for forearm strengthening. There are a variety of putty resistances so you can gradually work your way up to more challenging exercises.

7. Hand Web – Best For Finger & Forearm Strength

CanDo Hand Exercise Webs for Physical Therapy, Grip Strengthening, and

The hand web is very similar to hand putty. Professional organizations use both for strengthening forearm muscles and grip strength. The hand web does a better job of targeting specific fingers for forearm strengthening. The pronator and flexor muscles are very important muscles for the throwing process. The pronator muscle is primarily connected to the ring and pinky finger. The flexor muscle is primarily connected to the index, middle, and thumb. The web gives you the advantage of really focusing on the specific fingers when building forearm strength. Just like the hand putty, there are a variety of web resistances to choose from.

8. Gyro Ball – Improve Forearm Strength & Stability

GOZATO Auto-Start Wrist Power Gyro Ball, Wrist Strengthener and Forearm

The Gyro Ball is one of the most fun training tools for forearm strengthening. When the ball is rotated with the wrist, the gyroscope creates resistance that targets the forearm and wrist muscles. This resistance can help improve grip strength, wrist stability, and forearm endurance, all of which are important for throwing in baseball. I like to use this tool the most because it is small and portable. You can keep it in your baseball bag and always have time to hit a little forearm workout.

9. ShoulderSphere – Strengthen Shoulder Stability

ShoulderSphere F2

The ShoulderSphere is a unique alternative to the shoulder tube or body blade. The ShoulderSphere is designed to promote scapular stabilization and shoulder mobility while also engaging the rotator cuff and surrounding muscles. What I like about the ShoulderSphere the most is that you have to have the arm working properly to get the ball spinning. This focuses on keeping baseball players engaged in the correct form while performing the exercise.

10. Pronator Dumbbell Attachment – Must-Have for Forearm Strength

PRONATOR The Build Arm Strength Using Any Dumbbell You Can

This is one of the most useful baseball training tools for arm strengthening. The Pronator allows you to attach any dumbbell so you can customize your workout to best fit your needs. Using a hammer of some sort is very common for baseball exercises. Professional baseball players use hammers for pronation, supination, radial deviation, and ulnar deviation exercises. This is a must-have product for strengthening the forearm muscles.

11. Variety of Bands – Target Any Arm Exercise

Resistance Bands, Pull Up Assist Bands - Workout Bands, Eexercise

Having a wide variety of bands with different resistances is essential for your strengthening routine. Crossover Symmetry and Jaegar bands are great, but there are some exercises you will want to do with different resistances. The bands can be used for any arm exercise you can think of. I primarily use the lighter bands for forearm and shoulder work. This is a great way to engage the muscles without applying too much stress. The heavier bands are great for push/pull exercises that will engage more back-of-the-shoulder muscles. You have an unlimited amount of exercises available with these bands so I strongly encourage them for any baseball player.

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