Pro-Approved: 5 Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

Baseball Gloves For Pitchers

Are you a pitcher who knows the thrill of competing on the mound, the rush of striking out a batter, and the importance of having the right gear in your hands? Welcome to my guide, where I will unveil the top-rated gloves for pitchers that are used by professionals.

In this post, we’re diving into the world of baseball gloves, specifically tailored for pitchers. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just stepping onto the mound, having the right glove is essential. Join us as we break down the “5 Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers” to ensure you’re armed with the best gear for your next outing.

Pitchers are one of the most important positions on the baseball field. A dominant athlete on the mound can be the difference maker in a ballgame. For that reason, I believe pitchers should do their research for proper gear such as cleats, gloves, arm-strengthening tools, and recovery methods.


Throughout my professional baseball career, I have seen and used many variations of baseball gloves. The gloves I will be suggesting are trusted and used by many other professional baseball pitchers besides myself.

My goal is to lead the younger generation of pitchers in the right direction. I do not want pitchers to waste their money on a baseball glove that will not satisfy their needs for pitching.

With the help of my expert recommendations for pitchers, choosing the right pitcher’s glove will be a breeze!

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5 Best Baseball Gloves for Pitchers

1. Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove |

Rawlings | PRO PREFERRED Baseball Glove | 11.75" | 2-Piece

Rawlings Pro Preferred model is one of professional baseball pitchers’ most commonly used gloves. This is my favorite model/brand and I will never use any other glove besides a Rawlings Pro Preferred.

An absolute must-have for pitchers. These gloves are a testament to craftsmanship and excellence, delivering unmatched performance and style. With top-tier materials and meticulous design, the Pro Preferred line offers the perfect blend of durability and agility. These gloves are your ultimate companion for dominating the field with confidence and a touch of personal flair, inning after inning.


  • Superior Materials: Such as full-grain Kip leather, are known for its robustness, durability, and smooth surface.
  • Trusted Brand: Rawlings is a reputable brand and by far the most used by professional baseball players.
  • Long-Lasting: This glove will last you many years if taken care of properly.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: By far one of the sharpest-looking gloves when compared to other brands.


  • Price Tag: The price can be intimidating, but this is an investment that will last years.
  • Break-In Period: Do not expect the glove to be ready to go in a couple of days. Breaking into your liking will take some time.
  • Maintenance: High-end leather demands proper care to prevent deterioration and maintain performance.

2. Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove |

Rawlings | HEART OF THE HIDE Baseball Glove | Speedshell

The Rawlings Heart of the Hide model is the next best alternative to the Pro Preferred model. Once again, a very commonly used make/model by professional baseball players. If you are seeing a Major League Baseball player using a Rawlings glove, it will be either a Pro Preferred or Heart of the Hide model.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves truly stands out in the world of baseball gear. Crafted with utmost care and top-notch leather, they blend durability and classic aesthetics. These gloves are all about enhancing your game – they fit like a dream, offer exceptional control, and carry that distinct touch only a quality glove can provide.


  • Top-Notch Leather Materials: Including full-grain steer hide and deer-tanned cowhide
  • Trusted Brand: Heart of the Hide gloves carry a reputation of being trusted by pros for decades.
  • Long-Lasting: Can last just as long as a Pro-Preferred if taken care of properly.
  • Break-In Period: Faster to break in when compared to a Pro-Preferred.


  • Price: Although cheaper than Pro-Preferred, The premium quality comes with a higher price point compared to other gloves.
  • Quality: Not the same as Pro-Preferred leather. Some athletes may prefer higher-quality leather.

3. Wilson 2024 | A2K Series B23 Baseball Glove |

Wilson 2024 A2K B23 12” Pitcher’s Baseball Glove - Right

Wilson A2K gloves are a highly regarded line of premium baseball gloves tailored for professional and advanced players. These gloves are constructed from high-quality leather, including Pro Stock Select leather, recognized for its durability, uniformity, and luxurious texture. 

Wilson is the runner-up for the most commonly used glove by Major League Baseball players. When compared to Rawlings, the A2K series is their “Pro Preferred” level of gloves. Their most expensive glove model because of the premium leather and design.


  • Premium Leather: Like the Rawlings Pro Preferred, the Wilson A2K uses high-quality leather for durability and performance.
  • Trusted Brand: Wilson’s reputation in the professional baseball community adds to the credibility of A2K gloves.
  • Advanced Technology: Wilson employs SuperSkin technology, making gloves lighter without compromising on durability.


  • Price: Just like Rawlings Pro Preferred, the Wilson A2K comes at a premium price due to its quality.
  • Break-In Period: Some players might find that A2K gloves require time to break in fully.
  • Personal Preference: Some players might prefer the feel of Rawlings gloves over Wilson’s A2K.

4. Wilson 2024 | A2000 Series B2 Baseball Glove |

Wilson 2024 A2000 B2 12” Pitcher’s Baseball Glove - Right

Wilson A2000 gloves are a less expensive alternative to Wilson A2K gloves. These gloves are composed of high-quality leather, such as Pro Stock Leather, which is noted for its durability and strength. The gloves include a unique dual welting technique that helps them keep their form and adds support to the pocket.

Once again, when compared to Rawlings baseball gloves, this will compete with your, “Heart of The Hide” model. The price tag is not as much as the A2K but is crafted with quality leather that makes it a trusted glove by professional baseball players.


  • Quality Leather: A2000 gloves use top-notch leather, ensuring a long-lasting glove.
  • Trusted Brand: Wilson’s reputation in the professional baseball community adds to the credibility of A2000 gloves.
  • Price: Generally more affordable than A2K, making them accessible to a broader range of players.


  • Break-In Time: Some players find that A2000 gloves need time to fully break in for optimal performance.
  • Advanced Technology: A2000 gloves lack the SuperSkin technology found in A2K, which reduces weight.
  • Player Preference: Certain players might prefer the feel and features of A2K gloves.

5. Rawlings | REV1X Baseball Glove |

Rawlings | REV1X Baseball Glove | 2-Piece Web | 11.75"

A new model by Rawlings is the REV1X Baseball Glove. This glove stands out from your traditional baseball mitt. The REV1X features a revolutionary Carbon DLS technology, this newer model brings game-changing innovations to the field. Created to compete with your regular baseball glove, the REV1X will not break down and get floppy over time.

Crafted with the iconic Heart of the Hide palm leather padding, the REV1X ensures top-tier quality and an authentic feel. Its optimized lattice structure introduces variable stiffness in the thumb and pinky, drastically reducing weight while upholding protection and durability.

If you are looking for a pitching glove that stands out from your competitors, the REV1X is a quality glove to choose from!


  • Cutting-Edge Technology: The REV1X incorporates Carbon DLS technology.
  • Quality Build: Crafted with the iconic Heart of the Hide palm leather padding, ensuring premium quality and an authentic feel.
  • Laceless Web Design: The innovative lace-less web design eliminates top-of-web lacing, improving fielding ability.
  • Long-Lasting: 3D-printed pieces provide variable stiffness that lasts and lasts


  • Price: Generally more expensive than A2000 and Heart of The Hide.
  • Different Model: Might not “feel” the same as the traditional glove you are used to.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pitching Gloves

What Baseball Glove Brand is the Best?

Rawlings is by far the most popular glove brand. The majority of professional baseball players use Rawlings and the runner-up is Wilson. But remember, just because it is the most popular, does not mean it is best for you.

Rawlings is renowned for their Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred series gloves, which are made of high-quality leather and are known for their durability and longevity. These gloves are constructed from full-grain leather and have a stiff design. In contrast, Wilson is known for their A2000 and A2K series gloves, also crafted from high-quality leather and designed to be more flexible and easier to break in than Rawlings gloves. These two brands lead the way in professional baseball. I believe they are the most reliable glove brands on the market and any baseball player will benefit from using them.

Both Rawlings and Wilson offer a wide range of gloves for different positions and playing styles, each with unique features and benefits. Ultimately, the most suitable glove for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. The gloves I will be breaking down will be either Rawlings or Wilson, simply because they are the most worthwhile investments.

Should Pitchers Opt for Closed Web or Open Web Gloves?

When researching baseball gloves for pitchers, most people suggesting gloves have never pitched an inning in their life. A quality baseball glove for a pitcher should have a closed-web design. All of the gloves listed above fit this criteria.

Pitchers that are at a high level of competition will want to use a basket or two-piece web. Younger pitchers can get away with using any web, but as you get older the web is important. Pitchers will want a web that completely hides the ball in their glove. This will allow the pitcher to grip their pitches without the chance of the other team being able to pick up on their grips (tipping pitches).

What’s the Difference Between Pitching Gloves and Regular Fielding Gloves?

There is no difference between a pitching glove and a regular fielding glove, besides their pocket and webbing. A fielding glove will generally have a wider and deeper pocket to help catch and secure the ball. A pitching glove will have a narrow and shallower pocket. This does not mean that you can not use a pitching glove for other infield positions. A pitching glove can still be effective at other positions. When baseball players get older, they will normally dedicate one glove for pitching and other gloves for different positions.

Are Expensive Pitching Gloves Always Better Than Affordable Ones?

When you are paying a higher price for a baseball glove, that typically means the leather you are paying for is of higher quality. No, the glove is not going to make you a better player. A more expensive glove, however, will last longer than a cheap glove. Think of your pitching glove as an investment, you will plan on using that glove for multiple years.

How Many Inches Should a Pitcher’s Glove Be?

The average length of a pitcher’s glove is 11.25″ – 12″. A larger glove is necessary for giving a pitcher plenty of room to move their hand around when changing grips of the pitch. Similar to having the correct web, a large glove will help a pitcher not tip their pitches. Throughout my professional baseball experience, I have never met or seen a pitcher use larger than a 12″ glove.

What’s the Ideal Break-In Period for a New Pitching Glove?

The length of time required to break in your pitching glove will vary depending on the model. Gloves that use a more premium leather like Rawlings Pro Preferred and Wilson A2K will take longer than others. In my experience with breaking in gloves, it takes me roughly 3-4 weeks to have the glove game ready. The nice thing about being a pitcher is that the glove does not need to be fully broken in. You just have to feel comfortable enough to be able to catch the ball.

What Should I Look for in a Pitching Glove?

When looking for a pitching glove, the biggest things to consider are duration, preference, and price. Do you plan on using this pitching glove for a couple of months or years? This is the biggest determining factor when deciding between an expensive or cheaper glove. I always advise you to invest in higher quality if you want a glove that will last you a long time.

The next factor to consider is preference, do you like the way Rawlings’s gloves feel or do you like Wilson more? Each glove brand will have a different feel, so make sure to pick the one that feels best on your hand. Think of your glove as an investment. The price tag can be intimidating, but this will be your glove for many years.

Are Youth Pitching Gloves Different from Adult Pitching Gloves?

The difference between a youth pitching glove and an adult pitching glove will be the size of the glove and the webbing. Youth pitchers should not worry about having a different glove for pitching. I recommend looking for an “adult” pitching glove when your baseball competition becomes more serious. If you are at the age where the other team can recognize you tipping pitches or try and relay your pitches back to the hitter, then yes you need a pitching glove.

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