Professional Approved: 9 Best Baseball Products for Developing a Routine

best baseball products

Why is a baseball routine important?

If you were to ask any professional baseball player, “What does your baseball routine look like?” they will be able to provide you with a detailed list of every bit of prep work, how long they spend doing it, and why they choose those specific things. The word, “routine” is frequently preached at any high level of baseball and must be appropriately practiced to succeed. We will take a look at the best baseball products to help you strengthen your routine.

Just like you brush your teeth in the morning before you start your day, there are certain tasks that professional ballplayers do before they start their baseball work.

A routine is important for baseball players for several reasons: consistency, mental preparation, injury prevention, and time management.

By following a consistent routine, players can have a better understanding of what exactly their body needs to be ready to compete. The consistency factor is important because when players know what specifically needs to be done, they will not waste time or energy focusing on miscellaneous prep work. Think about what makes a baseball player, “great,” it is the fact that they can consistently repeat their skills on a daily basis.

When baseball players are going through a structured routine, this can them mentally focus on the task at hand. This will give them a sense of familiarity and comfort because they know exactly what to expect. When a ball player is confident and relaxed, that is when they perform at their best.

Baseball players put a lot of stress on their bodies during games and practice, and a consistent routine can help prevent injuries. By properly warming up, stretching, and conditioning their bodies, players will physically be ready for their baseball work that day. This is important for staying healthy during a long baseball season.

A routine will have players effectively managing their time at the field because they understand how long it takes them to be adequately prepared for the baseball tasks that day. Let’s say a player arrives to the field 30 minutes before the game. The player is frantically trying to warm up and stretch in their short time. As a result, the player is not ready and their performance is not to the best of their ability. This can all be avoided when baseball players have a consistent routine and know exactly what time they need to get to the field to properly prepare for their game.

Now that we have broken down the benefits of having a routine for baseball players. I will be breaking down some of the best baseball products I have used for my routine. These products are all used at a professional level and are highly correlated to my success. Please remember that not all baseball players must incorporate the same items into their routines. Just because it works for me, does not mean it will work for you. I want this breakdown to be used as a tool and help provide baseball players with the same baseball equipment that professional baseball players are using.

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Best Baseball Products

1. Foam Roller – Best for Soft Tissue Work

Amazon Basics High-Density Round Foam Roller for Exercise and Recovery

By far one of the best baseball products for soft tissue. A foam roller is a key item that professional baseball players use every day. Using a foam roller will help release tension and tightness in muscles. This is extremely important for us ball players because we rely on flexibility, mobility, and full range of motion. I personally love using the foam roller as the first item in my routine, because it helps my body feel relieved as fresh blood is circulated to the areas I am targeting. The foam roller is great, but if you are looking for more “deep” muscle targeting, I recommend using a harder roller or even a PVC pipe.

2. Lacrosse Ball – Precise Soft Tissue Tool

Champion Sports Colored Lacrosse Balls: Blue Official Size Sporting Goods

A lacrosse ball is used similarly to a foam roller since they are both used for soft tissue work. The lacrosse ball is nice because it is small and firm so you can apply more targeted pressure to any area on your body. This is great for helping relieve tension and tightness in your body. The lacrosse ball will aid in freeing up some range of motion in your body, especially when applied to the shoulder/ pec area which is very crucial for throwing a baseball. I can assure you that professional baseball players use this every day and the versatility is amazing It can be used to target a variety of areas on the body, including the back, shoulders, hips, and feet. A simple and cost-effective way for baseball players to stay on top of their mobility.

3. Resistance Bands – Target Any Muscle Group

Resistance Bands, Pull Up Assist Bands - Workout Bands, Eexercise

Having a wide variety of bands with different resistance is essential for your baseball routine. The bands have more uses than you can list, but I will touch on some of the most important. The heavier bands are great for assisting in lower body stretches as your flexibility might limit you from truly getting a “good” stretch. The mid-level bands are useful for push/pull exercises. The lighter bands are great for incorporating shoulder warm-ups that will assist in strengthening the rotator cuff. I strongly encourage having access to a wide variety of bands, this will allow you to find that comfortable weight when accomplishing warm-ups in your baseball routine.

4. Medicine Balls – Great for Hip Activation

Dynamax Mini 6lb Soft-Shell 10" Medicine Ball/Wall Ball Standard Black/Grey

A must-have baseball product for any pitcher or hitter. Medicine Balls are a versatile training tool that can be used for a variety of exercises and movements. They are used by practically every professional baseball player and are a key component in my personal routine. Medicine ball throws are a great way to get the hips warmed up before performing your baseball work for the day. I like to think about it like this, a pitcher or a hitter should not be activating their hips with their first throw or swing. They need to have their lower half ready to go as a part of their routine. Rotation is a big piece in baseball, so these medicine balls will definitely come in handy. When deciding on weight, I would stay away from anything above 8 pounds. I like to use the 4 and 6-pound medicine balls, because the heavier you go, the less you are using your lower half and actually relying on your upper half. Which might not be what you are trying to achieve.

5. Baseball Bands – Increase Shoulder Strength

Crossover Symmetry Medium 10 lbs Shoulder Resistance/Exercise Bands - Perfect

J-Bands Baseball Pitching Trainer, Fluorescent Green, 1

Every baseball player needs this in their bag. When deciding on baseball bands, there are two brands that professional baseball players use, Crossover Symmetry Bands and Jaegar Bands. Both of these bands are great at improving shoulder stability, scapular muscle strength, and preventing injury. Baseball bands are by far one of the most important items a baseball player of any age should be implementing into their routine. There are a variety of different band resistances that will make it safe to use for any ball player. I can not stress enough how important arm care is for baseball players, so please make this item a top priority. When deciding on which brand to go for, I will personally say that I use both, but I prefer crossover symmetry. I like them the most because different band resistances can be used for your shoulder strengthening. I like the flexibility and truthfully, their resistance levels get my arms the most prepared. When deciding on which level of bands to purchase, I recommend doing your own research for appropriate levels for age specific. I use the yellow (10 pounds) and red (15 pounds) bands.

6. Body Blade & Shoulder Tube – Improve Shoulder Stability

Bodyblade CXT Kit (Yellow)

Tap The Shoulder Tube, Black

Shoulder care is a must for any baseball player. Bands are a great tool for shoulder strengthening, but there are other products I recommend implementing into the routine as well. Two popular shoulder products are used by professional baseball players, shoulder tube and body blade. Both do an excellent job of improving shoulder stability and strength. This is a must-have in my baseball routine and can be used before and after your day of baseball. The shoulder tube is great, but the size is very large. The grip on the shoulder tube also tends to wear and makes it difficult to maintain stability. I personally love both but prefer to use the body blade. The body blade has different sizes and the grip makes it easier to control. Both are terrific and I highly recommend either.

7. Weighted Balls – Practice Good Throwing Patterns

Marv Balls - Velo Set (Soft Shell Plyo Baseball) Original Driveline Baseball PlyoCare® Balls - Weighted Training Balls

Weighted balls are a great tool that can be utilized by baseball pitchers and position players. As a pitcher, I have made plenty of throws with plyo balls. They are great for improving mechanics and ultimately increasing velocity. One thing I must note, they should be used by baseball players that are at least at the high school level, at a young age it is easier to use them incorrectly, so I strongly advise a mature baseball player to use them. There are two brands that professional baseball players use, Driveline and Marv Balls. Both plyo balls are great and will accomplish what you desire from them. I personally like the Marv Balls because of the seams they have incorporated into the plyo balls. They feel more like a baseball and in my eyes translate better. Marv balls also seem to keep their shape better. When you are constantly using plyo balls, it is completely normal for them to lose air or break. I have noticed that the Marv balls are built with a much more durable quality.

8. Ankle Bands – Activate the Lower Half

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands with Instruction Guide and

Ankle bands can be used to target the muscles in the lower body, including the glutes, hamstrings, and quads. The lower half is so important for baseball players, which is why it is crucial to make sure you have activated these muscles in your routine. I personally love to use these as much as I can before my baseball activities. The lower body is used so much, that sometimes we forget the need to stay on top of our lower body strength. They will help you activate your glutes, hip flexors, adductors, and abductors, which are essential for firing our hips when pitching or hitting.

9. Airex Pad – Versatile Training Tool

Airex Balance Pad Foam Board Stability Cushion Exercise Trainer for

An Airex pad is a foam pad that can accomplish many tasks in your baseball routine. Primarily baseball players will use them when stretching the lower half. Most of the time the surface you are performing static stretches on is not the softest, so this item will provide a nice cushion for your knee when prepping your body. The Airex pad is also great at improving balance. Baseball pitchers like to use them when working on their pitching mechanics to really focus on a strong back leg, and hitters will do the same. Foot-to-ground stability is important, and a product like this will help you strengthen that skill. I know you might be thinking, an overpriced pad is a waste of money. But I can promise you that this pad is used by the majority of baseball players in their routine. The pad is very versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises.

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